Palomino Blackwing 530 Unboxing

I, somehow, received the limited edition Palomino Blackwing #530 pencil without having heard anything about it.

I didn’t know it was called the 530. I didn’t know the color. I didn’t know the theme. Sooo, I had to open it. And share the opening with you.


Inked: November 2016


Happy November! I hope you had a great Fountain Pen Day and will enjoy a blessed Thanksgiving.

I have far too many pens inked this month. I so enjoyed last month’s selection of fall pens and inks that I decided to expand this month to include even more orange, browns, and reds. I’m loving fall!

Inked this Month



Lamy Al-Star Copper Orange M [ Amazon ]
Lamy Copper Orange [ Cult Pens | Amazon ]

TWSBI 580 AL Orange M [ Anderson Pens | Amazon ]
Diamine Autumn Oak [ Goulet Pens | Cult Pens | Amazon ]

Franklin-Christoph M 45 Stublique [ Franklin-Christoph ]
Diamine Deep Dark Orange [ Cult Pens ]

Retro 51 Herringbone Tornado [ Massdrop Custom Edition ]
Monteverde Brown [ Anderson Pens | Amazon ]

Retro 51 Lincoln F [ Jet Pens | Amazon ]
Diamine Ancient Copper [ Goulet Pens | Cult Pens | Amazon ]

Lamy Logo Twilight [ Vanness Pens | Amazon ]
Diamine Deep Dark Brown [ Cult Pens ]

Pelikan M200 Café Crème B [ Amazon ]
J Herbin Café des Îles [ Goulet Pens | Amazon ]

Lamy 2000 M [ Goulet Pens | Amazon ]
Diamine Deep Dark Red [ Cult Pens ]

Edison Noveau Premiere Autumn Embers 1.1 [ Goulet Pens ]
Diamine Deep Dark Blue [ Cult Pens ]

Lamy Logo 50th Anniversary Ballpoint [ Pen Chalet | Amazon ]

Blackwing 344 Pencil [ ]


Coffee of the Month

If you’re not sick of all things pumpkin spice, grab another Pumpkin Spice Latte. You can get one at almost any coffee shop. Otherwise, Starbucks has their holiday drinks available. Peppermint Mocha – YUM!

I love a good barista!

I love a good barista!

Book of the Month

My copy just arrived. I’m excited to dig in.

Let’s Go Shopping

The perfect ink for election day.

A planner on Kickstarter that attempts to bridge the analog / digital divide.

Really enjoying my Edison Nouveau Premiere Autumn Embers Fall 2016 Seasonal Edition fountain pen.

A good deal for some shiny ink. I might use some in my Christmas cards.

A great new Christmas themed limited edition Retro 1951 pen. Mine is on the way.

Save 20% on calendars at Franklin Covey with Promo Code: CALENDARS.

How about a Filofax for 2017?

T-Shirt of the Month

Choose your own adventure this month.

Fountain Pen Day T-Shirt

Election Day T-Shirt

Election Day T-Shirt

Illegal Election Fraud Pencil


Pencil: Illegal!
Paper: Field Notes Byline
Coffee: As much as possible for the next 4 years!

It’s election day in the United States. What an unbelievable election cycle it’s been! In honor of the day, I’m working with my illegal election fraud pencil.


In 2014, I discovered a pencil in my voting booth encouraging me to vote for a certain candidate for sheriff. Since it is illegal to campaign within polling places, and not wanting to be complicit in election fraud, I removed the illegal pencil and added it to my collection.

Happy voting!


Analog Blog


Happy Fountain Pen Day!

Today is the 1st Friday in November. That means it’s Fountain Pen Day!


From the Fountain Pen Day Website:

Taking place on the first Friday in November each year, Fountain Pen Day is celebrated by enthusiasts worldwide as a time to embrace, promote, and share the use of fountain pens.

I’ve had a busy, busy day. I had planned on wearing my Fountain Pen Day T-shirt all day and writing a lot of thank you notes with my favorite pens, inks, and paper. That’s a great way to celebrate! Instead, I spent the day at the hospital, praying with a dear lady on the day of her passing. As a pastor, I find it a great privilege that families invite me into these moments.

Now that the day is nearly over, I will finally slip into my Fountain Pen Day T-shirt, ink a couple of pens with new inks, browse the big fountain pen day sales for a bit, and enjoy some quiet time with my family.

That’s worth celebrating everyday.



Happy Fountain Pen Day!


Black and Orange!


Pencil: Black and Orange!
Paper: Field Notes Byline
Coffee: Starbucks Verona

Happy Halloween, Awesome Ones!
Here’s a selection of black and orange pencils to celebrate the day.

I hope one of your neighbors is the kind who gives out pencils instead of candy. If so, be sure to send them a thank you note!




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Thanks, Pen Addict!

It was a great surprise this weekend to open Refill, the weekly pen addict members newsletter. Brad gave a nice shout out to my Chicago Cubs carry post.

Brad's kind words from the Refill newsletter.

Brad’s kind words from the Refill newsletter.

Thanks, Brad, for your continual support of the little guys in the pens blogosphere. You always treat us as community members and not competition. If you are not a Pen Addict member yet, go sign up now!

Chicago Cubs In My Pocket

chicagocubspocketPen: Jinhao 159 Chicago Cubs Edition
Ink: Namiki Blue
Paper: Muji
Coffee: Cafe Bustelo Bialetti

I enjoy using pens and pencils that match a season or occasion. I’ve pulled out my orange pens and ink for fall. Around July 4th I always slip my Retro 51 Betsy in my pocket.

I’m celebrating the Chicago Cubs return to the NLCS by adding some Cubs themed tools to my October carry.


cubspocket04I’ll be using these often until the cubs win their first World Series since 1908. Or until their season ends. Again.

cubspocket03GO CUBS!


Analog Blog


Inked: October 2016

inked-header-oct-2016It’s October! The mornings and evenings are finally cool. The leaves are starting to change color. And Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte is back! I just couldn’t resist pulling out some fabulous fall fountain pens and inks to use this month.

Inked this Month


TWSBI 580 AL Orange M [ Anderson Pens | Amazon ]
Diamine Autumn Oak [ Goulet Pens | Cult Pens | Amazon ]

Lamy Al-Star Copper Orange M [ Amazon ]
Lamy Copper Orange [ Cult Pens | Amazon ]

Retro 51 Lincoln F [ Jet PensAmazon ]
Diamine Ancient Copper [ Goulet Pens | Cult PensAmazon ]

Pelikan M200 Café Crème B [ Amazon ]
J Herbin Café des Îles [ Goulet Pens | Amazon ]

Lamy Logo Twilight [ Vanness PensAmazon ]
Noodler’s 54th Massachusetts [ Goulet Pens Amazon ]

Edison Noveau Premiere Autumn Embers 1.1 [ Goulet Pens ]
Pelikan Blue-Black [ Amazon ]

Retro 51 Tornade Pen Addict Limited Edition [ Pen Addict ]
Schmidt P1826 Blue [ GoldspotAmazon ]

Coffee of the Month

Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte, of course.

Let’s Go Shopping

Check out the The Lanier Briefcase on Kickstarter by our friends at Nock Co.
It looks like a great case, but I’m even more excited about the A5 notebooks!

The British Pound is quite low against the Dollar. Now is a great time to grab a Pelikan or the Diamine Deep Dark Inks from Cult Pens. I know I did!

T-Shirt of the Month

National Coffee Day 2016

National Coffee Day HeaderPen: Pelikan M200 Café Crème Bold
Ink: J. Herbin Café des Îsles
Paper: Exacompta Forum Journal
Coffee: Starbucks Italian Roast

Happy National Coffee Day!

2016 has been quite crazy. Life continues to move faster than the speed of blog. I can’t believe I haven’t posted yet this year.

Well, National Coffee Day seems like the perfect day to break the post drought. I’ll make a great effort to post regularly moving forward. I’m itching to post about my favorite tools again. Perhaps more coffee will help.

Today we celebrate!coffeedaytools-2

I’m drinking my current daily driver coffee in my new coffee mug gifted by a friend. Thanks Teresa!

I’ll also be sure to stop by a favorite local coffee shop today to get a Goat Island Mocha. Here’s a reminder to support your local independent coffee shop.

I’m wearing my favorite coffee t-shirt. Yes, I have more than one.

Drink Coffee. Do Good.

My Life Motto

And I’m writing with the prefect coffee day pen – my new Pelikan M200 Café Crème. I missed out on this special edition last year and was super excited to discover Cult Pens still had it in stock. With the favorable exchange rates (Thanks, Brexit!), I was compelled to grab one. It’s gorgeous, a great writer, and perfect for the pens ‘n’ coffee guy.

This pen looks good enough to drink!

This pen looks good enough to drink!

What ink for today? I had to use Café des Îsles. It has a coffee bean on the label! I love its shading. It may have to be the permanent partner with this pen.

Enjoy the day!

May your coffee be strong and your nibs be smooth. [Tweet this.]


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Palomino Blackwing 1138 Unboxing

I finally opened the December 2015 Limited Edition Blackwing 1138.
I had a lot of fun with my last unboxing video, so I had to do another one. 🙂

Check out what’s in the box.